biodata kim hyun joong

Name: Kim Hyun Joong
Chinese Name: 金贤重
Nickname: Sexy Boy

Birthdate: June 6th, 1986
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Blood type: B
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Star sign: Gemini

Education: Hanyang Industrial High School, Kyonggi University
Profession: Actor, singer
Talents: Playing the guitar, piano, drums, and dancing
Hobbies or Interests: Swimming, Health, Basketball, and Soccer



  1. ephie Said:

    kita bisa ketemu g ya ma kim hyun joong?????? 😀

    • ikyimoet Said:

      😀 …….. gabung di KHJ fans club y….. namanya henecia dengar2nya nieh katanya fans2 KHJ sedang berupayah agar KHJ bisa datang berkunjung di indonesia, mudah2an aja ya KHJ bisa datang amin… 🙂

  2. rubiatul amina Said:

    kim hyun joong is my idol

    kim hyun joong saranghae

    • ikyimoet Said:

      waaaaahhh senangnya ada yang komen 😀 mian chingua baru bls komennya 🙂 , kim hyun joong oppa too saranghae all fans 🙂

      • lerryroy02 Said:

        adui cute kim hyun joong aku peminat no1 ma dea nhe

      • ikyimoet Said:


    • ikyimoet Said:

      Ia nis juga fans sama kim hyun joong…… o ia udah gabung belum di kumpulan fans KHJ indonesia????

  3. yezza gabrielly Said:

    ha lindo de td jeito pow

    • ikyimoet Said:

      hai 🙂 thank’s for visiting my blog….. but sorry I dont understand what you say… can you translate in english ??? thank you 😀

  4. angrl Said:

    sarang hae Mr.Gelo Baek my name is sharmaine angel i would like to requat to become your friend and be happy where ever you are and dont forget to call GOD because all your problem will be okay if you share to him and good luck to your career more power to you and GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY always smile

  5. supri ageng Said:

    aku ngefans banget sma kmu kim hyun joong kapan ya kita bisa ketemu

  6. Vierra Said:

    KHJ so cute 🙂
    dalam keadaan & ekspresi apapun tetep bikin hati melting :3
    love love KHJ ❤

    • ikyimoet Said:

      asli……asli…. 🙂 … tetp ganteng 🙂

    • ikyimoet Said:

      KHJ terkenal artis yg sangat ramah n sayang banget ama fans nya…… pernah ada crt mengharukan ktika KHJ promo album d slh 1 negara asia..ada fansnya yg mau ngasih surat k dia tp si fans ini d cegat sm bodyguard, KHJ sendiri yg mengulurkan tangan k fansnya untuk ambil surat itu 😀 oppa jeongmal baikkkk 😀

  7. Kim Hyun Joong… I want , you come to Indonesian … all you fans , want meet and greet with you… can you come to Indonesia??? and if you say , don’t use korea language , because , I don’t understand … Ok! So , you must speak english language … Sometime use korea language , sometime use indonesian language and sometime use english languge…. can you? 😀

  8. novia lestari Said:

    opa kapan ke’indonesiiaa ???
    henecia indonesia nunggu oppa

    • ikyimoet Said:

      dengar2 kabar beberapa bulan lalu KHJ mau dtang k indonesia tp krn 1 dan lain hal jd nda jadi datang…….. kita doain aja smg bs dtang 😀

  9. hello kim hyun joong fans, introduce my name is also one of my charisma kim hyun joong fans. kim hyun joong is my favorite. by the way if there is already his fan club? What if there clubnya fans name for Indonesia? Please comment and if you do not mind to inform me about kim hyun joong you can contact me 089657947860 thanks. 🙂

    • ikyimoet Said:

      🙂 nama fansnya KHJ ttap henecia kalo soal fans d brbagai negara tinggal d tambah nama negara d blakanng hencia,jd klo indonesia jadinya henecia indonesia,bs d add d FB dg nama henecia indonesia d situ kamu bs dptin smua info ttg KHJ 😀

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